My name is Vikrant Singh Chauhan and I do a lot of things.

If you find any work over the internet attributed to ivx, 1vx, 0xcrypto, ivxenog, technicallywrong, techincallyright, hackberry.xyz, any email over domain hackberry.xyz, defaultred.com or eval.blog, it has been done by me. I have done so much as anonymous that keeping track of things is now hard. But this is my main blog where I use my real name. However to confirm if it was really me, you can ask me by dropping an email at vi [at] hackberry [dot] xyz.


I started programming in 2010 and since then I have been a web dev, a backend dev, a security researcher and a software dev. Majorily, I am a security researcher focused on programming languages and compilers. Presently I am working as a Security Software Developer/Researcher at MobileHackingLab.

If you are (or your company is) hiring, send an email to vi [at] hackberry [dot] xyz and I would be happy to share my full CV. Please use official email so that I can distinguish between scam artists/bots and geniune people.