Terms/Cookies/Privacy or any other legal Policy

I write about intentionally dangerous things that can theoretically and practically affect humans in every possible way. So we must have some rules in place to ensure I don't get jailed.

  1. Everything here is to spread awareness around security, help other practitioners ie. security professionals to help and serve humanity.
  2. YOU ARE FULLY RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR ACTIONS. Read that again. Me (the author) or anyone I associate with cannot be held responsible for your actions.
  3. You are reading a web page. It can have scripts which can store data in the form of cookies, cache and other possible ways that can track you around the internet. At the same time, you have complete control on your browser. You can disable anything including cookies and JavaScript. If you are here reading this blog, I expect you to be able to do it. If not, better stop reading this blog.
  4. If you wanna talk about anything, email me at vi [at] hackberry [dot] xyz.
  5. Government officials, this is just a blog on security. Stop getting paranoid.
  6. For any legal matter, rules of Government of India applies as long as I am in India, that is.